The City Hall (2009)

The City Hall

And again… T______________T Thanks nena!!

The City Hall


The City Hall


Mi Rae’s wild imagination (The City Hall)

Cool nena!! What about “Gay lovers”? LOL

Jo Gook: I missed you. If you’re not busy, let’s go on a trip together … (The City Hall)


The City Hall (behind the scenes, ep.15)

OMOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You’re the best, nena!!!!

The City Hall


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The City Hall (2009)



City Hall (2009)

OH MY FUCKING GOD!! Dokkevaaa! I’m so happy right now! T_T So proud of you! LOL YAY!!!!!!!!!

*sigh* I.LOVE.THEM.

Suna is so cute!!! <3 I love when he sighs! T_T

Ohhh! CSW has the ability to make me cry without saying a word. His eyes…<3 *sigh* I have no doubt! He’s my favourite actor EVER. I love KSA too!
I often wonder what would have been the bed scene of Athena (with CSW so jsfhsjkfhsjdfhjsdfh) at City Hall… CSW, KSA please…DO IT!
I wonder why english is so difficult, too U_U