The Greatest Love

♥  Amazing gifs, nena!!!! 


<3 Sooo cute, Dokko! 

Karaoke room! LOL


LMAO! So funny!! 

Hahahahahaha I love this!!!


Dokko Jin: My surgery will be a success. And I’ll show you a future.

<3 Wooooow! Amazing icons!!!! Love the colours! <3<3



Hahahahahahaha!!! “Soriiiiiiiiii” (echoes in the air: sorry sorry sorry) And their faces! Hilarious!

*drooling* Seriously, I want to kidnap him &lt;3

*drooling* Seriously, I want to kidnap him <3

Tonight, the shameful cherry flowers in my heart have faded. And camellia, the flowers of vengeance, has blossomed in bright red.

I’ve seen this scene a lot of times, but I always laugh like crazy!

Ay dios!!

Best. Bondage. Moment. EVER! LMAO!!

I really love CSW crazy faces! <3 You’re the best! 

I had a great & funny time doing those gifs! XDDDDD